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Have you upgraded to Office 365?

These days it seems like people are separated into two groups:


  • Those who have Office 365 and aren't utilizing all the tools available.

  • Those who haven't made the leap because they don't know what it can do.

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Trainer for a Day -  Not everyone needs a formal training class or has the ability to gather everyone in a group setting. We will send a trainer to your office, to provide desk-side assistance to your staff.  Each person can ask questions on a variety of applications as they relate to their particular daily activities.   

Custom Applications - Are you implementing new software, updating your conference room with the latest audio-visual equipment, or distributing the newest touch-screens to your staff? -- CLARUS can create a training agenda or eLearning tools that will help get you the ROI that you need.  

Macro & Template Design - Our macro developer can review your existing templates and specify what the firm’s needs will be in the new environment.  We can also offer recommendations for new ways to distribute your templates providing easier accessibility to your users.